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BSA Online Learning Center

Training Program Comment/Description Size
Safety Afloat Official BSA Training with certificate N/A
Safety Afloat On Line Very good, Sound required (627 KB)
Scouting for the Disabled Good (4.5 MB)
Climb on Safely Good (500 KB)
How to Protect Your Child From Child Abuse Guide to Safe Scouting (199 KB)
Computers MB Requirement #4 Good for ages 13+ (4 MB)
Computers MB Requirements Very Good (3 MB)
Computers MB Requirements Extensive but sometimes it can be annoying (4 MB)
Supporting Scouts with ADHD Good, for leaders (735 KB)
Initial Training for Chartered Organization Representatives Decent (292 KB)
Lightning Safety and Outdoor Safety Training Very Good (11 MB)
Transporting Scouts Safely Well Done (131 KB)
Scouts with Disabilities and Special Needs Essential (420 KB)
Merit Badge Counselor Orientation   (.PPS)   (.PPSX) The Best on the Internet (179 KB)
Personal Management Merit Badge Training Presentation   (.PPS)  (.PPSX) The Best on the Internet (1.8 MB)

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