Summer Camp Checklist

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All should be stored in a SINGLE Rubbermaid/Tupperware container with a cover no bigger than the following dimensions.

20"W X 20"H x 28"L

It should fit under their cot.

Only One Allowed Per Scout

Confirmed Item Description
  Scout Spirit
  Complete Field Duty Uniform (Formally Class A) and clothes hangers
  Clothes for 6 Days and Nights.
It's summer pack accordingly bring something warm as well.
Sleep wear.

Camp Durant does not allow them at summer camp.
  Class 1, 2 Health form (Under 40 Years old) Class 3 Health Form (40 and over)
  Rain Gear. Preferably a poncho
  Sleeping Bag, you will be sleeping on Army style cots. (Can reside outside of the Rubbermaid Container)
  Pillow (Optional but recommended, can reside outside of the Rubbermaid Container)
  Swim Trunks and Swim Shoes
  Toiletries...Soap in container, comb, toothbrush, towels, shampoo, etc. Deodorant
  Flashlight, preferably an LED type. Extra batteries
  Knife (Only with Totin Chip)
Folding, non-serrated, locking blade no longer than 3 ¼ inches with belt sheath.
  Scout Handbook
  Notebook and Pencils
  Camera (Optional)
  Work Gloves (Leather preferred)
  Extra Spending Money for trading post
(Max $30 - Food, sodas, crafts, patches, t-shirts, Class material, etc)
  OA sash (if a member)
  Two pair of GOOD walking shoes, well broken in.
  Shower shoes/ flip flops for showers only
  100% DEET insect repellant.
  SPF 45 Sunscreen or better
  Laundry Bag
  Water Bottle Canteen
  Gold Bond Medicated Powder
  Hat with a wide brim
  Mess Kit (plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife and spoon)
  Medicines (as required)
Medicines in original containers only, with instructions - inhalers if needed by boy or adult
  Tote’n’Chip Card and Fire’m’Chit Card
  Day pack or Fanny Pack (Small non-framed pack for carrying Notebooks, Money, pencils, snacks, etc)
  Folding Chair (Optional but recommended, can reside outside of the Rubbermaid Container)
  Two 33-gallon trash bags
  Small Amount of Snack Food (Stored in Trailer, Don't over do this)
  Absolutely No Electronic Games except for the Ride there.
  Hiking/Walking stick (optional)
  Toilet paper
  1 Can Tent Waterproofer $3 at Wal-Mart
(Giving your tent a good shot of this on day one makes for a less messy week if it rains hard.
These tents are old and not often treated.
  Fishing Gear (Optional unless taking fishing merit badge, can reside outside of the Rubbermaid Container)


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