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The Bullfrog

Once there was a very large green bullfrog who lived in a modest sized pond. Even though many other animals and fish lived around this pond the bullfrog didnt have any friends. You see, the friends he once had were gone. They were tired of his boasting and tried to stay out of his way. This situation changed when the geese began to migrate through the area. Two geese actually became his friends. They spent many a long day visiting, swimming and doing the things friends do. Then one day the two geese told the frog it was time for them to continue their migration. The frog was sad and asked if they could take him with them. He suggested that they let him climb on one of their backs and hang onto their neck. Both geese agreed that he was entirely too fat for one goose to carry. Further saddened, the frog began to think and finally came up with an idea. Listen, he said, How about we take a string and each of you take hold of a end with your mouth and bite down hard, then I will bite in the middle of the string and you can fly me between you. The geese pondered the idea and decided to give it a try. All were ready and the geese began to flap and run. The frog hopped along with the string in his mouth until he was lifted from the ground and was airborne. Oh what a feeling thought the frog. Onward they flew for days on end until they flew over a farmer out in his field.

The farmer looked up and upon seeing the geese and frog remarked, "My, my, a flying frog I wonder who taught those geese to fly such a big frog?"

Hearing this the frog said, "I DID!!!." That night the farmer feasted on very large succulent frog legs.

Check your ego, don't let it get so far out of control that you lose your friends or worse yet, end up on someones plate.

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Boys Shave Heads in Show of Support

Yorkville, Illinois; Dec 4 1992

Radiation treatment may soon cost Mark Lowry his hair, but his bald head won't stand out in the classrooms at Cross Lutheran School.

When his classmates learned that Mark, 13, would undergo chemotherapy, all 15 of them decided to have their heads shaved in a show of support. By yesterday only two boys in the seventh and eighth grades weren't bald - one was due for a haircut this weekend; the other was Mark who came home from the hospital this week with a full head of hair.

"It probably won't be for long, though," Mark said.

Mark learned only recently he had leukemia and started chemotherapy treatment last week. Classmate Travis Busch then came up with the headshaving idea, but cleared it with Mark first. "We didn't want him to feel we were making fun of him," said Travis.

How long do the boys plan to go hairless? "Until Mark grows his hair back," they said. --AP

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Being Honest by Peter Van Houten

I'd like to share an experience I witnessed last night that exemplifies the virtues of honesty and the principles of being a Boy Scout!

Beyond my role of Scout leader I am also a little league coach for the minor league. I was scouting (interesting choice of terms here) the team we'll be playing tomorrow and noticed they had a very talented first baseman. He was older than the rest and already a good 5'5" tall. Unfortunately, he'd had the misfortune of a couple of bad plays which resulted in the runners advancing to 2nd base. He's also been getting some abuse from the other team for his size and race, being Indian (as from India).

Let me add that the other teams coach doesn't exactly have the personality that generates good sportsmanship, and I witnessed him chewing out a couple of his players for not running fast enough, or doing EXACTLY what he told them to do.

Now that I've set the scene we'll bring you into the 4th inning. Score is tied! Two outs! Saied (sp???) is playing 1st, runner currently on 2nd. The ball is pitched and hit to 2nd baseman who throws to 1st base. Saied catches ball as runner touches base, but ball rolls out of glove! Umpire calls runner OUT! The opposing coach and most of his parents went ballistic, and I mean Ballistic (with a Captial B). (Had I been the ump I would have thrown the guy out of the game) Anyway, the ump turns to Saied and says, "Did you have control of the ball before he touched the base." The pressure is on and you can see it on his face. Saied replied, "I caught the ball, but it rolled out. No!" The ump reverses her decision and calls the runner safe!


I approached Saied after the inning, shook his hand and complimented him on his honesty. I found out later through his coach that he was indeed a Boy Scout (just joined).

Here's a boy faced with a challenging decision that could have made a difference whether his team won or lost. He could have easily taken the easy way out and said Yes!, but regardless of the outcome, chose that being honest was the right way!

This young man exemplified the Boy Scout principles. My hat goes off, and my hand extended in congratulating young men who when faced with such decisions choose the right way!

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Be a Blessing

Many of you have heard of a woman in India named Mother Teresa who has devoted her life to serving the poor. She is known around the world. She has shown that you do not have to do big things to be a blessing to others. When someone is hungry you can feed them, if they are dirty you can help clean them. If they are sick you can care for them. If they are lonely you can talk to them. If they mourn someone you can give them words of comfort. You do not have to be rich or famous or a person of great importance to do any of this. You simply have to care about others as much as you care about your own needs. Mother Teresa has cared for many who were sick, fed many who were hungry, and cleaned many who were dirty. She gave up all her worldly possessions when she started doing this 60 years ago. She was not always famous but she always cared. In the early years she was a small nun working in the slums of Calcutta, India unknown to the rest of the world.

Each of you can be a blessing to others as you live your lives. You can say a kind word when someone is down; you can buy a meal for someone who is hungry. When you help someone, keep it to yourself, you do not need to beat your chest on a street corner and say what a good person you are. The world will notice your example by how you treat others. When the opportunities arise, always be a blessing to family, friends and strangers!

Goodnight gentlemen!

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THE BRIDGE BUILDER by: Wm. Allen Dromgoole

An old man, going a lone highway, came at the evening, cold and gray, to a chasm, vast and deep and wide, through which was flowing a sullen tide.

The old man crossed in the twilight dim - that sullen stream had no fears for him, but he turned when he reached the other side, and built a bridge to span the sullen tide.

"Old Man", said a fellow pilgrim near, "You are wasting strength in building here. Your journey will end with the ending day; you never again must pass this way. You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide, why build you the bridge at eventide?"

The builder lifted his old gray head. "Good friend, in the path I have come," he said, "there followeth after me today, a youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been naught to me, to that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in twilight dim; good friend, I am building this bridge for him."

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The Boy Scout Neckerchief

You new Scouts probably learned tonight that our troop neckerchief has other uses besides looking good and showing our troop's colors. You found that it can be used in first aid, too. Over the next few months, you'll find that the neckerchief has other uses, too.

There's one use, though, that you may not think of - and that's to remind you of the Scout Oath. The neckerchief is a triangle, and its' three corners should remind you of something you recently learned - our Scout Oath.

The Oath, you remember, has three corners, too - duty to God and country, duty to others and duty to self. From now on, every time you put on your neckerchief, it should remind you of the things you pledge each time you repeat the Scout Oath.

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