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 Boy Scout Frisbee


I've always used a Frisbee™ for two things while I was camping. A "no cleanup" serving dish or plate and of course a Frisbee™!!!.

Basically you take a Frisbee™ on every campout but, take a few accessories with you; one gallon Ziploc™ Freezer bags.

I personally like a "175 gram Ultimate Frisbee™" or a "160 gram Frisbee™ Freestyle" but, the choice is up to you.

Invert the Ziploc™ Freezer bag and place the Frisbee™ inside the inverted bag. What you have is a serving plate or a dish to eat from. When finished serving or eating, invert the bag back to it's original form, zip it up and well-ah! No clean up. Either toss it away, or pack it. The Frisbee™ is still clean and dry and you have less dishes to do!

OK, this got me thinking, maybe there are other uses for this thing when I came across and Article by Tom Watson. Here it is in it's entirety, the Author's credits are posted at the bottom of the article.

The Versatile Flying Disc

20 Great Outdoor Uses

By Tom Watson

Back in 1955, a building inspector named Fred Morrison sold the rights to a flying disc toy to Whamo™ - the people who gave Mankind the hula-hoop. When I tell you that Whamo named Fred's creation the "Frisbee™" - you now know the rest of the story.

Unfortunately for Mr. Morrison, and Whamo, too, for that matter, the flying disc would prove to be so much more versatile than merely a toy. Fifty years after its invention, the utility of the flying disc in the outdoors is becoming legendary. Here are twenty uses of this incredible and indispensable camping and kayaking tool:

The flying disc (Frisbee™) is one of the most indispensable tools I have at the campfire kitchen. It's size and shape make it the idea food prep' and serve tool:

Its uses are not just in the preparation and serving, either. Even before you start cooking, the Frisbee™ comes to the rescue in many ways:

Being that the Frisbee™ is made of polyethylene or similar plastic, it is unaffected by water. This adds still more versatility to its outdoor uses.

Fashion and style aren't a big part of my outdoor wardrobe so I personally don't think twice about NOT using an Frisbee™ to keep my head dry - or shaded.

Two other emergency/survival tips that lend themselves to an Frisbee™ are: 1) buy your Frisbee™ in bright, easy-to-see colors. It them becomes a good signal-waving device; 2) safety/rescue tips such as which ground signal means what can be referenced in the field If you draw those signals onto gear with an indelible marker. The Frisbee™ has plenty of space to write remindful hints and such.

The flying disc is a very versatile item as this partial lists demonstrates. They are still cheap enough - and often offered as promotional freebies - to have several as part of your outdoors gear inventory.

Mr. Morrison may not have gotten outdoors much or otherwise he might have retained ownership in that first Frisbee™. But then again, he did offer the world the number one use of the multi-talented Frisbee™ - one heck of a great way to have fun!

Tom Watson is an avid sea kayaker with 15 years experience in the North Pacific waters of Kodiak Island, Alaska. He is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in most of the popular kayaking publications. He is a frequent presenter at regional kayak symposia. Currently he is working on his third guidebook entitled "Think Like a Survivor" to be published by Created Publishing, International, for release in spring, 2005.

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