Bike Touring Checklist

Touring Bike

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You've heard it before, but you can never hear it enough—plan to pack according to weather. A three-day tour through arid terrain will differ greatly, climate-wise, from a pedal through rainforest-lined asphalt. Also, while you do have those panniers to carry your load, still aim for the less-is-more approach; it'll increase your balancing ability, reduce weight drag, and give you spare room for that must-have purchase (perishable or otherwise) that you encounter mid-route, especially if you're weaving into small towns while touring. For the heavily-laden, also consider one of the new towing trailers that you can attach to your bike—they even have some out there now that can handle most singletrack routes (albeit slow-going).

All-Season Clothing

Wet/Cold-Weather Add-Ons

Travel Gear

Tools/Spare Parts

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