General Rules and Expectations
For All
Troop 780 Scout Activities

  1. No tobacco for Scouts.
  2. Adults consuming tobacco should not do so in the presence of scouts.
  3. No cussing.
  4. No alcohol
  5. No fighting, mock fighting, wrestling, stick fighting, etc.
  6. No name calling or making fun of another scout.
  7. No "nicknames" unless acceptable to the scout
  8. Be On-Time for ALL activities - For weekly 7pm-8:30pm meetings - gather at 6:45pm but start promptly at 7pm. Followed by a brief SPL Meeting from 8:30pm-8:40pm
  9. No sheath knives. Period.
  10. No folding knives over 3.25", No serrated edges, blade must lock. Totin' Chip Required
  11. No liquid stoves without adult supervision.
  12. No lighting stoves or lanterns except under adult supervision.
  13. No personal radios, electronics, cards, cell-phones, PDAs, laptops, electronics of any kind, etc. One exception: during the traveling to and from an activity with the permission of the scoutmaster and driver.
  14. If an adult wears an "Indiana Jones" styled hat, it must have the Boy Scout medallion on the front.
  15. Three (3) Non-excused absences result in denial of next troop activity. A scout must call his Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, SPL or a scoutmaster and present his reason.
  16. Five (5) non-excused absences result in dropping from roster.
  17. Breaking any rule above may result in denial of next troop activity.
  18. The term discipline has been reworded to physical challenge resulting in as push-ups, extra camp duties, etc. Safety will always be considered.
  19. Scouts may be denied troop activity based on their behavior.
  20. Major disciplinary items will be discussed with parents at a troop committee meeting.


If any of these rules or additional rules as determined by an adult leader are violated, they are corrected by the Scout's immediate Patrol Leader. Should the Scout continue to violate a rule, the Patrol Leader brings it to the attention of the Senior Patrol Leader. If the Senior Patrol Leader has to bring it to the attention of an adult leader, it counts as an official violation of the Troop Rules.

If the safety of any scout may be compromised, it will be brought to the attention of an adult IMDEADIATLY.

Violations shall be addressed as follows:


1st Offense

A call is made followed by a letter being sent to the parent's or legal guardian regarding the Scout's actions.

2nd Offense

The Scout's parents are called to pick up the Scout immediately. This includes from meetings or outings, wherever they may be.

3rd Offense

The Scout will not be able to return to the Troop until they address the Troop Committee with their parents explaining why they want to remain a Scout.

Any violation that results in or may result in the compromising of a members safety in anyway, will automatically carry the consequence of a 2nd offense and depending on it's severity the consequence of a 3rd offense as well.

Safety is our Number One concern with your children.

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