Hall of Shame

OK, what is the Hall of Shame? Well it's dedicated to Troop websites that copy stuff directly from this website and don't even have the courtesy to give give credit or even post a link from their websites back to this one. 100's of scouter's have asked to use stuff on this site, we have never turned anyone down, many times sending them original documents so they can modify them to fit their troop, almost all have given credit or posted our links on their pages. Bravo to them.

I don't have "actual" links in here, we will not promote their sites. If you like to check their sites out, simply remove the spaces.

To be removed from this list, give the appropriate credit or a backlink.

Website Description
www . bsatroop994 . org Most of their "Scout Skills" came directly from this site
olatroop21 . clubspaces . com Most of their site is directly copied from us
www . bsactroop75 . com Some pages come directly from this site
www. troop282eugene . com Many, many pages copied from here
www . mcmannenscouting .org/Troop423/ Many Pages copied
www bsa-troop36si org/join/uniform.html Pages copied from our site


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