Cold Weather Camping Checklist

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This list assumes a single night of camping. For a second night, add additional clothing as required.

Checkmark Item Description Checkmark Item Description
  Tent (Scout Supplied)   Snow or Pac shoes (as required)
  Zero Degree Sleeping Bag   Troop Hat
  Sleeping Pad (not inflatable vinyl)   Ski Mask
  Pillow (recommended)   Gloves or Mittens
  Flashlight and Extra Batteries   Scarf (recommended)
  Water Bottle or Canteen   Towels (drying and wash cloth)
  One Gallon of Water (as required)   Soap
  Compass   Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  Pocket Knife or Multi-Purpose Knife   Deodorant
  Whistle   Comb or Brush
  Mess Kit (plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife and spoon)   First Aid Kit
  Cold Weather Jacket with hood   Medicines (as required)
  Waterproof Rain Gear   Insect Repellent
  Thermals   Sun Screen Lotion
  Sweater or Sweatshirt   Hand / Foot Warmers
  Two pair of pants (one is extra)   Tote'n'Chip Card
  One pair of water resistant pants   Fire'm'Chit Card
  Activity Shirt (Class "B")   Sunglasses (optional)
  Three shirts (one is extra)   Day or Fanny Pack (as required)
  Three pairs of underwear (one is extra)   Camera (optional)
  Three pairs of socks (one is extra)   Watch (optional)
  Hiking Boots   Folding Chair (optional)
  Tennis or other closed-toe shoe   Scout Handbook (required)
  Notebook and Pen and/or Pencil (as required)   Merit Badge Books / Cards (as required)

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