Backpacking Checklist

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Checked Item Description Checked Item Description
  Required Items   Required Items
  Backpack (Fit to Torso, Internal Frame Preferred)   Matches
  Boots   Water bottle or canteen
  Socks   Fire starters
  Clothing appropriate for the season   Flashlight with extra batteries and bulb (LED Preferred)
  Sweater or jacket appropriate for the season   Watch
  Parka or coat appropriate for the season   Whistle
  Rain gear (Backpack Poncho)   Toothbrush
  Hat   Toothpaste
  Tent   Biodegradable soap
  Ground cloth   Small towel
  Tent stakes   Metal mirror
  Sleeping bag   Comb
  Foam sleeping pad   Pencil and paper
  Stove (Lightweight backpacking)   Repair kit
  Fuel bottle/Canister (No more than 22oz)   50’ - ¼ ” Nylon core cord
  Cook kit   Bear bag
  Cooking utensils   Bear bag rope
  Cup   Emergency coins
  Bowl or plate (Not Paper)   Protection from insects
  Spoon   Bandanas
  Food   Compass
  First aid kit   Moccasins, running shoes, or booties
  Pocket knife   Toilet paper
  Hiking/Walking stick (optional)   Camera (optional)
  SunScreen (SPF 45 or better)   Ziploc Bags

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