Fast Bowline

The purpose of the bowline is to create a loop that doesn't slip. Being one of the harder knots to learn, this method may make learning it more exciting and fun because it looks smooth when tying it. This one takes a bit of practice to master, but once comfortable with it, bowlines can be tied quickly and with a fancy touch.

How to tie it

Fast Bowline

Fast Bowline Movie 148K

Fast Bowline Movie (148K)

Its easiest to learn by tying the bowline around your body, but once mastered, it can be tied without being around the body. A movie is provided. The picture to the left may not be enough to learn the procedures because of all the wrist movements involved.

Note: The bowline is not a recommended knot for nylon kernmantle rope. Nylon is too slippery and the knot will slip.

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