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Bug Juice

Tune: On Top of Old Smokey

At the camp with the Boy Scouts,
They gave us a drink.
We thought it was kool-aid,
because it was pink.

But the thing that they told us,
would've grossed out a moose,
For that great tasting pink drink,
was really bug juice.

It looked fresh and fruity,
like tasty kool-aids,
But the bugs that were in it,
were murdered with Raid.

We drank it by gallons,
we drank it by tons,
And the next morning,
we all had the runs.

So the next time you drink bug juice,
and a fly drives you mad,
He's just getting even,
'Cause you swallowed his Dad'.

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Boy Scouts of America

Words and music by Jack Combs and Jimmy Clark

We're the Boy Scouts of America,
Scouting for things anew.
Our Activities lead to victories in all we set out to do.

We're the Boy Scouts of America,
We plan hand in hand each day,
To do better than need be done till all our goals are won champs with a winning way.

We're loyal to purpose and integrity,
Pledged to the Scout oath eternally,
With verve and conviction we sing our song to keep America strong.

We're the Boy Scouts of America, And this we have to say,
Join us and We'll stand beside you, beside you all the way.
The Boy Scouts of America will stand beside you all the way.

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Boy Scout Camp

Boy Scout Camp
Boy Scout Camp
The     Element #1     that they give you
They say are mighty fine But     Element #2    
Oh, I don't wanna go to Boy Scout Camp
Gee mom I want to go
But they won't let me go
Gee mom I want to go home.

Element #1 Element #2
Biscuts One rolled off the table and killed a friend of mine
Water When you go to drink it it tastes like turpentine (iodine)
Girls They're either under seven or over ninety-nine
Nurses When you break a finger they break the other nine
Counselors But when they try to help you they screw up your mind
Counselors When they take off their makeup they look like Frankenstein
Your Own Get creative!


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